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Below is a listing of the projects I've completed most recently. Right now its just a big 'ol list. I plan to add tags and things so that it is easier to navigate. Let me know if you have any questions about anything.

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Weather by AreSimple

project image

This is my company's (AreSimple) first release! Weather by AreSimple attempts improve on the current weather app offering for Android by giving users the weather data they want for exactly the time range and location they care about. Instead of simply listing all weather data by day or hour, you tell it what information you want for what time period and it gives you a summary and detail view for that period of time. I did everything for this app (conception, design, software development, etc), accept for the weather data icons which were from a set that was modified by my friend, a professional designer, Jessie Leiber

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project image is the landing page for my company: AreSimple. Conceived of, designed and built by me, this website uses Polymer.dart, a Dart port of the Polymer framework. It responsively resizes as its width changes to display correctly on all devices from phones to desktop browsers.

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Homesnap Real Estate for Android

While lead Android developer for Homesnap, a real estate startup in the Washington DC area, I managed a couple of projects to update and add to the the app's capabilities and functionality. The first project was to update the entire user interface so that the app better matched modern Android design (Holo at the time) and design patterns. The second project involved adding entirely new functionality that enabled real estate agents to manage clients and gain access to private details about properties. The app's architecture and new features made extensive use of dependency injection (Dagger), Subscriptions on Google Play, and Google's Maps Api.

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USA Today for Android

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I served as a lead developer on a small team who developed the USA Today app for Android from the ground up. At the time of my involvement, the app included articles with video, sports scores, weather, galleries, and snapshots (quick questionnaires about current news topics), ran as one app (one APK) on the Kindle Fire, Android phones, and Android tablets, and featured lazy image loading, smart network usage, and a proprietary middleware system for handling and threading all data requests between the front-end and the back-end. As of February 22, 2012 (about 3 months after launch) the app had been downloaded over 407,000 times, had a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars after 136 ratings, and was the #1 app in "News & Weather" in the Amazon Appstore, and #30 for all free apps. (I failed to get the app's stats on Google Play, or updated Amazon Appstore stats, at the time of my departure from USA Today/Gannett)

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USA Today Home Page Video

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While working at USA Today, I, and a small team, implemented a video modal solution for the homepage of (The video solution has since been updated by other developers)

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